Before misinterpreted tales birthed the stories of modern day religion, there were occult kingdoms. Kingdoms with shadowed domains of undead cannibal assassins riding oversized and white eyed salivating wolves. Gothic cathedral like towers housing elegant and dangerous dark arts priestesses. Realms of towering gods of death and malicious soul devouring witch kings. Kingdoms spreading across vast stretches of land with forbidden forests and valleys of night housing not only gypsies and mystics but also oversized centipedes, mischievous ethereal feral cats, poisonous plants and wise yet carnivorous vultures. It was and age of witch craft and sacrifices, unclaimed souls and the gods that would fight to claim them and shape the fates of men. So this is where our story begins, with the escape of a imprisoned malicious witch king from the underworld, seeking to consume the souls of the sacrificed to regain his power and enslave the underworld in a fiery hell and those who dare to oppose him.


Requesting a storyline design: How it works

-             Most characters, animals, relics and other aspects to the story have backstories detailing who they are and what they look like, weapons they carry, and things they do.

-             So you can ask for certain characters, animals, relics, architecture or any other aspect that you may be drawn to

-             If you cant find a character or animal that your drawn to or have a specific one in mind, I would love to work with you to create a whole new character or animal that I could incorporate into the story to ensure it is personal to you

-             If you need more indepth information on one of the characters or animals please don’t hesitate to ask as most of them have a relatively elaborate backstory already in place or currently being worked on and I would love to share it with you!


Why storyline pieces?

-             I wanted to do more for my clients then just make a random piece of cool looking art. I wanted my clients to be able to have a deeper connection to the character and story line that that character, animal or relic represented, a reason why they were getting it and a story that they could share with others. I wanted all aspects of what was put into the design to be put there with intention and purpose not just as filler. And lastly I had a desire for there to be a connection between my pieces and a sense of interconnected community between the people that had them. I want people to see and recognize another storyline piece at a bar or venue and be able to have a conversation of what character they had and what part of the storyline it was in. Almost as if you found a lost page of a book that you yourself hold one page of, getting to read and hear about another character you hadn’t yet known about. This is why I make art and this is why I have created a tattoo storyline, I would love for you to be a part of it!